Live music in Edinburgh. Break it.

Y’all Is Fantasy Island’s last ever gig @ Sneaky Pete’s

Fuck. I can write about music at all but here it goes. I saw Y’all is Fantasy Island last Friday. The gig’s just finished, I am home with my ears ringing and on my way here, as I walk past the drunks and the orange people in the Grassmarket, I feel a bit shit because the venue should have been packed, the songs heard by more and the band shouldn’t have split up. But hey, let’s give Kassidy some more money.

Adam Stafford starts things with a quiet song, just him and his guitar. From then on, the set build up in intensity and after all the band is on stage, they pretty much rock all my clothes off. “With Handclaps” and “Punk Rock Disco” were my highlights. Intense, relentless, heavy, hooks. To me is like being a kid in a pool full of Haribo.

There’s a strange atmosphere in the venue. I’m not sure how to describe it. Maybe it’s a mix of sadness and nostalgia for music that will never be played again. This is what made the performance special. Stafford’s banter was self-deprecating, maybe trying to make the band’s last gig an unemotional event. Jokes about dead babies in the garage? Check.

However, a glimpse of sincerity comes out before the last song as they thank the crowd and I’m not sure what else to write now. All I can think of is how good this band were and what a shame it is that they won’t be around anymore.

As some of the people in the crowd said: “‘mon the YiFI!”.

  • 15 March 2011